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With Kim


                                    KinderFlute® is a music program designed especially for children aged                                          four to eight, which taps into a child’s amazing ability to learn through                                            play. Fast-paced group classes and fun-filled private lessons keep                                                    youngsters engaged and motivated as they learn breathing exercises,                                            rhythmic movement, note reading, music theory and flute technique as                                          well as basic keyboard skills. Each child's innate curiosity and eagerness

                                    to explore are engaged throughout each session and skills are reinforced                                      through active play. Kids have so much fun, they don’t even realize                                                  they’re learning! These early music lessons help to develop skills such as 

                                    team work, communication, dedication, confidence, social interaction,                                            and more.

              KinderFlute® teaches young children to love

music and learn to play the flute---but that is only the

beginning. We have an intense desire to see each child

realize their potential in all areas of their lives. Through

learning to listen, finger, produce a beautiful tone, read

music, compose, and creatively express themselves;

students are firing areas of the brain to make learning in

all areas more productive. The group lessons are carefully planned to maximize learning potential. Movement and games are a major component in the group classes so that students maintain a keen sense of alertness.

                                                           Many of the tenets of the class are based on recent research                                                             in neurogenesis (see below) and learning                                                                                             potential."Neurogenesis" literally means "birth of neurons".                                                             Neurogenesis is most prevalent during pre-natal                                                                                 development and is the process by which neurons are                                                                       created to populate the growing brain. Contrary to what                                                                   was believed 10 years ago, new research has shown that                                                                   neurogenesis also can occur throughout life. Key factors                                                                   that have proven to stimulate significant neurogenesis are                                                                 exercise, a loving and supportive environment, and new and                                                             enriching experience. 

                                                           Check out this video below for examples of some of the fun                                                             we have in Kinderflute group class.


Yutian, age 6, after 4 months of Kinderflute® lessons

Eva, age 6, working with PneumoPro 

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