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Jubal Flute Studio

Transmitting the past,     Encouraging the present,    Inspiring the future

Discover the Music Within You

All of us have music within us, waiting to be discovered. For over 30 years, I have been blessed with the task of  helping students of all ages learn to express themselves musically on the flute and recorder. It is a joy for me as a teacher to watch my students progress and experience the rewards of their hard work and patience.

Through weekly private lessons, group classes, semi-annual recitals, competitions, outreach concerts, summer projects, and more - our focus is not just on learning the mechanics of the instrument, but on becoming well-rounded musicians who support and encourage one another in our quest to be the best we can.


Individual Approach

Because each learner is unique, I design an individualized curriculum for each student with a strong focus on fundamentals and the goal of developing a well-rounded, expressive, confident musician. Students also learn important life skills such as problem solving, listening skills, setting goals, and developing effective habits. While each student pursues their own highest level of musicianship, studio members in high school are also strongly encouraged to mentor newer players through encouragement, teamwork and a sense of community in the studio. This collaborative, supportive studio approach was modeled for me by my teachers at Northwestern University, Walfrid Kujala and Richard Graef (former members of Chicago Symphony Orchestra), and it is a value I strongly believe in and strive to model in my own teaching.

Frequent Performance Opportunities

One of the joys of learning a musical instrument is sharing your music with others. We can only learn how to perform through performing! I give my students many opportunities to hone their performing skills. Studio members perform at least three times per year in solo recitals, small ensembles and flute choirs utilizing auxiliary instruments such as piccolo, alto and bass flutes in addition to the concert flute.  Many students also participate in local competitions and masterclasses with visiting teachers, and students are encouraged to attend summer flute programs and local flute performances to broaden their experiences.


Award Winning Teaching

My teaching and adjudicating skills have been widely recognized. I was twice awarded first prize in international pedagogy competitions sponsored by Blocki Flute. My students consistently place  in the top ensembles at their schools and are regularly selected for ILMEA  and AIJB ensembles. Many have earned positions with the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra and Midwest Young Artists and have won prizes in the Chicago Flute Club Competition and other music competitions. Several of my students have gone on to professional music careers after receiving their music degrees and many continue participating in music ensembles in college as non-majors. As a result of this, I am frequently asked to hold workshops and give lectures at schools throughout the area. Some of the institutions where I have taught or adjudicated include


  • Trinity International University  (lessons, lectures)

  • Trinity Christian College (adjunct professor, lessons, ensembles, workshops, world music)

  • Wheaton College (lecture, masterclass)

  • Northwestern University (workshops)

  • Niles North High School - District 219 (lessons and flute choir)

  • Maine South High School -District 207 (band camp)

  • Daniel Wright Junior High School -District 103 (workshops)

  • Wilmette Junior High School -District 39 (workshops)

  • Park Ridge Middle School - District 64 (lessons, band camp, workshops)

  • McCracken Middle School -District 73.5 (workshops, band camp)

  • Wood Oaks Junior High School -District 27 (workshops, band camp)

  • Twin Groves Middle School - District 96 (workshops)

  • Society for American Musicians (Junior and Senior Level Flute Judge)

  • All-Illinois Junior Band (Flute Judge)

  • IGSMA Solo and Ensemble Contest (Judge)


Comfortable Learning Environment 

I teach from my sunny home studio located in Lincolnshire, Illinois near Daniel Wright Junior High School and Stevenson High School. There is a waiting room for parents, and students are encouraged to come early to their lesson for online music theory lessons at the computer. Group classes are regularly offered as well as flute ensemble classes. If in-person lessons are not possible for any reason, I offer virtual lessons on a variety of platforms. Regular online lessons are also offered for students who do not want in-person lessons.


A Curriculum for Everyone

All ages and levels of motivated students are welcome, from absolute beginner through advanced. For the youngest children (ages 3-6) I offer Animal Adventures in Music - a private lesson based general music curriculum that covers 10 instruments and all the fundamentals of music reading and musicianship. At the end of this program, students are ready to begin learning any instrument they choose. If they choose flute - then the super-fun Kinderflute™  program awaits them! This program is designed for ages 4-8 and offers an engaging, play-based curriculum for private lessons along with game-packed group classes. Adult learners also need an individual approach in order to meet unique varied musical goals. I have taught young adults through seniors covering styles ranging from traditional Irish music/ whistle to jazz, Bollywood Hits, folk/rock music, worship music/ improvisation, and more. Whether young or young at heart, every student has a musical home in the Jubal Flute Studio. 

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